100+ Jokes For Omegle Video Call – Pick Up Jokes for omegle in 2022

Your eyes made us dodge
every moment find your drink

In your love, we sit for you
Yesterday was ours, today someone else’s heart is with us.

my luck favor me
give me his love
Give me that little support.

God punish me for my mistake
You are a naive person, what should you punish?

God will do my justice
Who will clean my heart?

We are in love with the rich
what do they understand the pain of our heart
they themselves are trapped in chains

find love like you
we don’t need anything
We need your support for us.

wine is better than you
my pain is the best

one day it will happen
so happy to come to you
No one in our house will be angry.

when the flowers bloom in the fall
Always two hearts meet.

die for you
but i will never forget you

Aaja Mera Champakali
You are the only flower bud

i like you smile
but i smile
Why do you feel bad

I’ll steal your sleep from my eyes
steal your heart from my chest
I feel like I’ll make you my liver

Come visit me in these fields and barns.
It feels good here, start love from here.

Ask these beautiful winds what is love
If you sit with your heart, then do not know what it is.

Hate me people who don’t love me.
Not all people are the same, they would have agreed.

You are my companion of seven births,
if something happened
will die my friend

Come see my sweetheart
pretend to kiss you

What are you standing?
What is there to meet the eyes, do not apply it to the chest.

your lovely lovely eyes,
Your fair white cheeks,
you are very cool stuff

If you stole my heart, steal me too
What's the matter, call me close

I don’t feel good until I see you
Wherever you go, I don’t think your love is true.

how beautiful are the flowers under the sky
you come to me so you are beautiful too

I love you Phoolandevi
Be kind once Lakshmi Devi.

someone is missing love
someone’s parents are sad
May these two wishes be
What is someone’s fear?

You are my Lord, and you are God
What should I do every moment my heart is on you

I liked seeing you
what should i do till my mother comes

miss you all day
can’t sleep at night
I complain to you

today my love has gone away from me
When will it come, don’t know where it is

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