1000+ Pick Up Lines For Omegle – Best Jokes For Omegle Chat

We die on your face as a servant
That’s why your eyes are afraid.

tell me what you want
Why did my heart go crazy by speaking

You just saw me, didn’t understand
understand me, i am not less than anyone

1000+ Double Meaning Jokes For Omegle Video Call – Pickup lines

Heart dies on you a hundred times
Aa ja gauri in my arms once

I will come to your courtyard as a bridegroom
when will you say your bridegroom

I feel like a cuckoo in your words
your laugh is like flowers

consider me a servant or a slave
we are kind to your love

100+ Jokes For Omegle Video Call – Pick Up Jokes for omegle in 2022

I want the peace of all your eyes
You always be happy, that’s what I need

you injured your eyes
crazy about things
When will you come now
When this crazy will be crazy

you stone me or dagger
My heart has become barren after you are gone

left the whole world for you
you killed me for your selfishness

If hurt, no one applied ointment
If you put your hand on the chest, then the injury was not visible.

think me crazy or crazy crazy
I only know one song to play

If my life has come then don’t go away
Will die to go in your love

The world thought you crazy, you made it crazy
When both are together, what will the era do?

Omegle 100+ Jokes – Double Meaning Jokes For Omegle

my breath stops in your name
my heart beats only in your name
i don't love your body
dies only on your chest

Don’t spend this beautiful moment like this
meet your eyes and tell me guys

I’m alive to see me
If I die, don’t come to my shroud

come sanam love together
If you are tired then wait till tomorrow
Those who love are those who give their lives too
If you get cheated, take out your chest and show it

Don’t forget the era, the age itself has forgotten you
Was till yesterday, today has become someone else’s

time drives us crazy
It’s hiding here, what have I done?

These beautiful clouds, let us fall in love
Know what to do guys
  • Do you look at me secretly
  • Why do you come in front and turn your face

make me yours my lover
I am alone in life take me to the chest

Your fragrance is like a rose, your speech is like a bulbul
Would be crazy to praise
But now you will not find me like

You are my God, you are my identity
I want to come more than God, my life

i like your silence
And what do you like about me
Seeing the picture of you, my mind trembles
When will Sajna come, this heart is worried.

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