Arthur Canon Doyle : Best Love Poetry For Happy New Year 2022 Lovers

You are a poet in poetry, come once and see
when will love
Love Hua Toh Bana Gaya Mein Tera Yaar |

I wish my house was in front of your house.
I am not alone here weeps.

I will come tomorrow, wait dear
Let me sleep under your hoods, this is my test

Babu I love your mother more than you.
He has given such a son, who is my love.

You made me cry in love,
I loved you, that’s why I got a chance to cry.

The wife is the goddess of the house, the husband is the god of the house
That’s why it becomes great.

Love you dear, we will go for a walk somewhere on the new year.
new year gift
Will give a chance to impress other girlfriends

New year comes with cold weather
spring comes with flowers
My brother-in-law will also come with love in the same season.

Whether the world gets angry, you have to get it
If not found then die, the world will say then we are crazy.

If you find a way, you will reach your destination.
If the path is lost, then the destination will be lost.

The pain of love is sweet
When cheated, it tastes sour.

Why does love hurt when it comes near
Why does my heart get nervous when I talk to you?

oh piya gave you heart
aja ghar piya
When I will tell you how much I loved you

Don’t break my heart, decide to join
If your heart is broken then give courage to die with me.

Gori should drown in your nano.
It feels like kissing your hands once.

The picture lives in your eyes, can’t get down to the heart
You are always in front, why are you not at home?

Heart is crazy, who can explain
He has broken his heart, who should call him?

when will he come to my house with a procession
When my mother will send by pushing someone else’s house.

Saajan has applied henna to your name
Today is the fight of our love.

love is a toy
The secret of real life is to earn money.

I am your hero, you are my ranjha
Once bajawa do marriage baja

Do not put the disease of love, love is a deception.
don’t spend your life in it
It’s a gust of wind.

There is love in the heart but why do you hide it?
One day you will know yourself but why do you cry?

Heart is mad in your love
Come once in front of me.

Heart wants to hide under your lap.
The crazy heart speaks, let me touch your chest.

Aaja in my arms this heart is Karban.
I suffer in the nights, be so kind.

Let me hide you in my arms in my love
If you want, I can make you a part of my life.

What is the pleasant weather in Sawan?
Ji wants to meet Piya, but where does she know.

Always have a smile on your face.
This is my prayer that you always be kind to me.

Heart beats, breathing stops.
If you come in front then this is my love.

I missed you on my way home
By the time you came, I killed my mother.

Heart only wants you
You don’t know who is asking.

I miss you, I cry.
You are like a god to me.
In love only some get lost.

Had a little fun in the chest, enjoyed living with you
having fun drinking

There is pain everywhere
It is the man who gives pain.

I applied ointment on your wound, but it is not dry.
Didn’t stop when it came to putting heart.

i’m gonna dance, what will make me dance
If you learn to dance, who will play the dhapli?

Those who go will come to me sometime.
Then I will tell what will happen to you. deceitful sanam

It is forbidden to pass through your streets.
Because your parents got to know.

know, speak or know
If you take it, you will recognize
One will be like who do you love?
He will make you look

Don’t ask Sanam, this is your sacrifice
Aja once, be felt from the chest,
When will it come in my life

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