Best Couples Wishes Happy New Year 2022 Quotes

If you drink white water to the thirsty.
Feed them two aloes on your chest.

Thought I didn’t deserve your love.
come and see it
You are not worthy of anyone by making you your own.

If a fire starts, it is extinguished by water.
The fire in the heart is not extinguished
It’s raining from my eyes

It rained for years, and the storm went on.
heart stood by the sea
No one came close

people die just for money
not real people
That’s why there was no humanity in people.

Daniel Wallce : Happy New Year 2022 Wishes For Every Single Person

When there was a fire in the sea, no one came to extinguish it.
When I saw it, I felt ashamed of myself

You are going to live in the golden palace
i will take you to the sand castle
Will you be able to stay

There is pain of love everywhere.
But behind me is the pain of illness.

often when i was sick
no one came to see
My love used to see me ten times.

I hate people who are jealous of me
what to do i can’t be happy,
Come out of my street

farmer works hard to grow crops
I work hard to be successful.

Heart burns embers,
you go into someone else’s arms
You don’t burn me even in new springs

Sajan my only prayer, you are never far away
If far away, then you have to die in tears of sorrow.

I was liberated
Doctor told malaria
I said sir I didn’t love mosquito then why did malaria happen

leave me tormented, non
I hate you with my heart
sometime you will talk to my heart

The world is angry, don’t you cry
Have loved you, don’t break from inside.

let me go to sajan’s house
don’t sleep with Saajan
i cry now
will make my life difficult.

Fair coming Sanam,
we are no less
fairs will roam freely
someone else’s breath will be lost

Let’s know that we will feed the rooster in the hotel
If anyone has seen it, I will tell the world.

There is deception at every turn.
Everyone gets a chance to cheat.

drinking and living
you gave me the pain of gum
trying to forget you

Asked you in every vow,
just tell me
Have you ever asked me from God?

Jaa Sanam Harjai
what do you remember
your infidelity

Beautiful be that moment,
what is ours tomorrow
I wish there should be such a palace

If you go to the forest, you are afraid of the lion.
If you live in the house, then you are afraid of the dog.

age kills me
money ran out
Love hugged me

you are like a bottle of wine
drank it just a beautiful intoxicant

What’s the problem, when the times support us,
If you do not cooperate, then set it on fire.

hiding in your eyelashes
keep in sight
If I come closer, hide your arms.

There is desolation all night,
stay with us
Arbitrariness will come in the arms

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