Best Pick Up Lines For Omegle Video Call – Omegle Double Meaning Jokes 2022

i never doubt my love
I have the right on that

I love you babu, don’t you come to me
Yes I know love, you smile first, don’t you

Miss you darling, your eyes are so beautiful
God bless you don’t see me

i can change your picture
Come on, I can make you even with me.

Your voice is like a cuckoo,
your smile is like a flower
you eat like buffalo

When you talk to me
love falls on you
What to do can’t even make you my own

boys go to weddings
girls to die line
Somebody goes straight to impress.

let go of heart
when will you come sanam
when my mind is out

you smile i cry
you will come less when i sleep

Why do you get tears when you cut onions?
If I love you, I can laugh.

If you laugh too much then you come to cry.
But we cry a lot, so why do we come to laugh?

trust someone
Not on thousands, but in a crowd, they run a lot
run alone

Don’t put thorns on a path full of flowers
love you, don’t talk in people’s ears

thousands of flowers bloom
like someone
boys are too
but die on one

Come on, I’m sorry, I’ll take you to Delhi
Laugh once, let me show you the world

die then die for the country
what to die in love
love is a hoax

The whole world is a liar, you are also a liar
what will you do love me

Sister-in-law is like a deer, wearing a pink sari
Tell your sister to become my drunkard

Gold Ring With Bhabhi
Tell me why are you angry with me

I am with you every moment
I love you more than my brother

Make my sister-in-law tea
Speaks for love, what is Balay

Married sister-in-law, now sorry
Get your room cleaned by brother now

why are you crazy about love
If you see sister-in-law, brother kills us

What to do brother-in-law to you, husband my drunkard
always ruin the house

I went hungry for four days, my stomach rat
Aaja put both of my people on my bed

Now sister-in-law will not wash your clothes
Marry yourself, she will do everything

Brother is gone, my fun
Then I thought, if brother came, then sister-in-law was punished.

I remember your sister-in-law in loneliness,
Thinking of your words, the heart becomes happy

you are the most beautiful in the world my sister-in-law
when will you give your room key

it is nice to talk to you sister in law
Why does my heart beat seeing you?

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