Daniel Wallce : Happy New Year 2022 Wishes For Every Single Person

do something for god today
Take a look at this poor man

today my heart cried for you
Tomorrow may god change my fate
you will cry for me

Where did the shaman learn to burn in love?
And also learned from where to extinguish
how do you love
From where did we learn to lay a stone on our heart?

You came in my life as an outsider
broke my heart as a stranger

Every Lovers Wishes Him Or Her Happy New Year 2022 With This Love Quotes & Poetry

Today I have pearls of tears in my eyes
Whoever says looking at me is crazy.

There is love in the eyes, happiness in the heart
Let me know your heart

my heart is mad in your love
You have made me a murderer.

I have come today with my love
Useless considering it to be rejected

Heart is crazy about your love
Accept it, it’s a fiction.

I always insisted on talking to you.
You didn’t understand me that’s why I was glad to die.

I always called you as my own
You did not listen to my voice, mistaking it for me.

You did not show me passing through your streets.
I thought love is a bond. you broke it

I want to die, even death goes out by stealing my eyes.
I want to live too we are heavy on you.

Heart to heart met eyes to eyes
Whatever is left, bring it and get it.

We don’t want anyone, we want your love
Try it and see the picture of Dildar in the heart.

Today I die to talk to you.
Tomorrow such a day will come, even if you wish, you will not be able to find me.

been talking to me all day
This is one life, I have been dying in love.

We are in bad condition in your sorrow.
Tomorrow you will know that he wants to see you when he dies.

someday you used to die on our steps
Today we are bad are those who were afraid of us?

I neither have the senses nor do I take care of myself.
We are mad in your love, just remember this much.

Looked at your world and looked towards you
Those who make me bored by staying in the heart

Yesterday your name was on your lips, and your love was infamous.
Today, when I looked down in your heart, there was no love in your eyes.

your love ever took my name
whatever you say, i love you

Henna brings color after it dries,
miss love after breaking

I applied henna to your love
you made me alien in one day

You are in my limbo
Now I will bring the procession with my angana

Henna in your name in marriage
I found comfort knowing me

love millions of people no one found true
I have made true love, then why did I get Sila?

The desire for your love is in my heart
You broke your heart, there is a complaint in your desire,

Heart doesn’t agree without seeing you
My sacrifice is my only wish on you,

I’ll die crying but you won’t feel sorry
Who are you crazy about now, which you will not come to me.

Heart hurts in the nights, eyes open in the memories
What is my fault who does not talk to me in words

I was waiting to be your bride
But that day did not come and you have become someone else’s.

Every moment gave you every happiness,
But you gave me the laugh of the people,

I loved you but you didn’t understand
When you will remember when we are not in the world of strangers.

We started dying on you every moment
Kill us because we started loving you.

Love is mine, so come near
if someone else is gone forever

I know it’s not good
I know that my heart dies on you,

Haven’t seen you for many months,
you don’t want to see me

Do love so much, let the night pass in only things.
If you open your eyes, you can see the morning.

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