Every Lovers Wishes Him Or Her Happy New Year 2022 With This Love Quotes & Poetry

Hate from the outside, Want from the inside
Let’s see who loves first.

Holding hands, you walk, holding hands, we go.
Today we both have fallen in love with each other

Let me take care of your locks. Let me shine your lips
I will love you all my life

Daniel Wallce : Happy New Year 2022 Wishes For Every Single Person

Today my heart beats in your name
Love comes on your feet.
You are very beautiful, agreement comes on your face.

Burn the age of my heart today.
Heart goes crazy
Sometime there will be a place of heart.

Awaken love in your heart today.
Heart beats once a day. ,
make me yours

I see you, something happens in my heart.
By loving you, you become yourself.

Heart taunted heart cry, sing songs of sorrow in love.
What kind of lover is this who does not take pity on me.

lovers are blind
They trust the unknown.
Then the heart grieves and weeps in agony.

I try to make you happy always
Don’t let you cry while I am alive.

When it’s night
It seems that you are with me.
But when the eyes open, they meet in a dream.

Now my life has to be attached to your chest.
Will be watching the time to die on you.

Live life like you are the sons of Maharajas.
Show tantrums as if you sleep on money

My love is only for you
whatever the world says
All my fortune is for you.

Saw even death and saw it even after living.
Knowing in your sorrow, I saw even after drinking poison.

There are many people in the world who defame love.
Brother-in-law, your sister also loves someone.

If I say a word, then it becomes a word.
It is good for us to remain silent, only we get trapped by speaking.

Go to Delhi, go to Bombay, your memory calls Patna |
What should I do, why do you suffer so much?

no one like you seems real in this world
You don’t look like a servant’s child.

Time has changed me
What will you do now, you have defamed.

There is fire in the heart, it flares up in the mind.
Piya when will you come, the night will be with you.

open the house
Keep the door of the heart open too.
Tomorrow I will come to decorate your house.

i love you darling i miss you
I love you witch, tell me why

janam janam ka saath sanam
When will it come, when it will be the day of meeting.

Sweetheart, once you look back.
Tomorrow itself will come running to me.

Heart, liver, do not betray me.
If I die tomorrow, God will surely give you.

Look at your face in the mirror, Sanam.
You are the most beautiful Sanam from the whole world.

Come take a procession to my door.
Whenever I will come to your house as a bride.

Paint your hands with henna for your name.
May God keep me safe in your name.

You keep laughing for the rest of your life,
And keep making me laugh too
You are a piece of my heart, stay sweet forever,

On the way, a boy came laughing.
Say I love you dear
I said sacrifice on your mother.

I am so shy of you, I can’t even meet my eyes.
Fighting is far away, I can’t make love.

You dress up like a cup, my family member.
Let me spend my heart on you, Dilwali.

Life is for four days, do love Sanam.
Our day does not pass, what do you tell Sanam?

I know secretly how long you will love.
One day we will do it in front of everyone.

On New Year’s Day, I know you will have a sweet mouth.
What will you do if you breakup before new?

Your lips feel like embers.
When you come to kiss, your lips come out, sparks.

When you laugh, your face lit up.
When you cry, your face tears

God also joins hands with you beauties.
We are human, we have to press our feet.

The love for you in the heart is waiting in the eyes for years.
Kab Aayega Saajan is the first love of Saawan.

I’ll be where my love is
If someone stops, I will definitely kill him.

You will raise my tantrums and my waters.
I have thousands of tantrums
If you don’t do it, you will get killed.

People get jealous after seeing my tantrums.
Thousands of tantrums will be burnt to ashes now.

you know my life
Even the ignorant become God.

There is nothing in totality.
The one who has power in money, he is not in his position.

What is in love that is visible in the water? love is begging,

what’s in begging

Don’t give up, try to win a case.
Don’t try to be afraid of anyone if you win the battle.

Do not speak Babu, who does not understand himself.
Find a good husband who understands every sorrow and pain.

get answer again and again,
Love once in life and see it sir

The yearning heart yearns for the eyes
When will the nights of meeting Piya come?

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