Justin Wetch Wishes You Happy New Year 2022 With This Beautiful Love Quotes & Poetry

What happens when you fall in love with you?
What happens when you die when you love someone else?

Show your love, whose love is this?
Spend everything on us, whose heart is this?

The face of a blonde looks like the moon.
When does it come down in my heart?

Today the fun of love will be different.
Today she will confess her love to us.

Today we will wait for your love
If you don’t come, we will burn you alive

You are the queen of flowers and I am your gardener.
Today I will do your slavery in my house for the rest of my life.

Happy New Year 2022 : 100+ Love Wishes For Him & Her

When the heart beats, you have to come.
When it comes, you have to get it for the rest of your life.

Your maternal grandfather is a black man.
who i think is heartwarming

Open the veil, I will love you once.
Seeing me once, I will give you all the happiness of life.

Today I will go to flower garden with Dilwar.
Will love you so much, the whole world will feel like swinging.

Why do we find your eyes so lovely?
You tell me so much, why are your eyes dark?

Hide you from the whole world
One will know why you are called so much.

The storm rises very fast in the sea.
Why don’t you listen to my heartbeat everyday?

Let us shoot arrows at our hearts today.
Tomorrow you will be the guest of our heart.

I will not leave your side till I die.
We will keep our love in your heart.

Let me write my name on your lips.
I want to hide you in my arms.

Heart beats in Sawan
When will you come to my courtyard?

When the heart beats, love comes on you.
If your heart yearns then you get angry.

Today the courtyard will be decorated with flowers.
My bridegroom will dance in front of me.

Don’t condemn your love
Because he is alive in our love.

Your eyes and hair are like a serpent.
Millions of lovers die on you like this.

, you are your snake charmer in my serpent
If I play the bean, then come, it may not happen in the morning.

get done, talk after a while
Come meet me two or four

If you’re tired, I’ll take you in my arms
If you want, I can kiss your cheek.

Wrote a song or a poetry, Hasina
I sweat while writing in front of you.

The moon also comes out bright, my life feels like sunshine.
My heart wants to erase it, my life cannot be croup.

When love happens, when you see a beautiful girl.
If the girl speaks, then come and eat my slippers and see.

Your songs are remembered in your streets.
If I wait for a while, then tears start coming from my eyes.

once heard ghazal from your mouth
Heart went to hear

The heart was mad behind a boy.
He cheated on me behind a girl.

Let me steal the song from your lips today.
If you say I’ll steal my heart too
Take your kiss and make you mad.

love you know i love you very much
Because I die on your face.

Come to me, hug me
Do love, become heartfelt.

My anklet calls, my Kangana also calls you.
Confess once, and look at me lovingly ||

Keep burning shaman, I keep on loving you.
And your heart beats for me.

Be my god, only you have wanted
I also want to get only you.

People destroy in love, and they themselves perish.
What kind of love is this, you cry in yourself.

The wind of love came, and went out as a wind.
There is no deception in my luck.

These moments are very beautiful, spend life in them
Who knows tomorrow, take care of each other with love.

love you know i am missing you
I am working day and night waiting for you.

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