Loe Christopher Byrne : 2022 Love Quotes

We spent the night without crying,
Will you ever meet, this is my last turn.

Always laugh be happy
Know when the fate is changed, sometimes you have to cry.

Can’t sleep at nights
Often you remember in things,

Naina is such a murderer of you, I cannot say anything.
You stared at my heart like this, now I can’t live without you.

How much should I miss you every moment, every time, every moment.
Why did the era take you away from me?

Every Lovers Wishes Him Or Her Happy New Year 2022 With This Love Quotes & Poetry

That’s right when two hearts meet. , Some people die by burning.

The whole world is angry with me, I have considered you my own.
You tell me what is your decision, I have to forget

When love does not come, why did it?
When there was no pain in our heart then what was the ointment applied?

We were drowned in the river of love.
Why did the world drown in the river of tears now?

Happy new year is coming, ab tu bhi aaja sajna |
Eyes will meet each other, when will you say to see ||

Was eating food, when I came out and saw,
The sound of Happy New Year was coming.

Don’t be proud of your beauty,
One day only I will get
will come to my bed,

Your love has gone mad, Sanam
Come in my arms, do everything on me.

Used to see hideously, did not dare to come in front,
Heart used to beat in your streets, but you did not have the right to tell.

Let your sweetheart bring you to the market.
Feed the cake samosa chaat ||

I was waiting for you in the evening,
Every moment there was love for you,
You were the girl of the rich, you were in denial on my love,

When it comes, the heart smiles
If you go, the heart gets scared
Looking back, Happy New Year’s Day

Happy New Year came with happiness,
When will you come when the new year will leave by giving sorrows,

Wife – I am feeling cold, give me tea,
Happy New Year is coming, get on the bike,
Husband – I don’t have money in my pocket, let me give you water.
I don’t have a bike, let me ride you on a bicycle.

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