Love Birds Happy New Year 2022 Best Love Quotes 2022 Wishes

What is that girl who is not proud of her body
What is the world in which there is no flock of love.

Do love from heart and not from Surat.
Everyone’s face is beautiful.
nobody’s heart

What is that man, don’t be afraid of your family
Shouldn’t that wife do the housework?

Today he is ours, we are not his.
Because he has shown us allegiance, we are not him.

Daniel Wallce : Happy New Year 2022 Wishes For Every Single Person

Heart is not broken even if the times are cold.
I am crazy about your love.

Your voice comes from far away,
Just you cry in the beginning of my love.

Don’t get angry over small things.
love you don’t try

Let me say one thing, my heart feels broken.
Do you feel rude to me?

Do not know how to be angry, you are the sleep of my eyes.
Let me play my arm in your bean.

Mehboob Sanam aaja closer to me
Otherwise my heart is very poor.

day or night, i just love you
Aja, my friend, let me show you the new spring.

see you, love you, love
Come to me, you are happy, you are heartwarming.

Why is it night, it is not night
looks very desolation
He is not with you.

love god not man
Human beings are mean, not God.

The old year is gone, the new year has come,
Happy New Year New Lugai |

Leave old habits in the old year
Don’t old heart, support him

Not everything is for sale
That’s why we don’t have that which is a purchase.

Do not look for love in love,
it has no merit
learn to bow down

A face like a moon, a speech like a flower.
Aaja Gori let me make you my queen.

you called me
How many oaths do you have to break everything?
But don’t go far, I can’t live without you.

Your sorrow is less of more enemies,
the enemy will die
But how can we find you?

my heart is only for you,
now what happened
Why does it take a breath?

Love is not with you but because of your result,
What is the way to just go away from you?

You mistook me as Lallu,
Then why is my name Kallu?

Asked the storms, have you brought my letter?
The storm has answered, your love has brought.

Green love never leaves
tell me what’s so crazy
I know your heart is not broken

I am great, my heart is sacrificed for you.
And you are my god.

I want so much for you
i don’t even know
you tell me what to do for you

Hear Dilwar, should I see or love you?
You are looking very beautiful.

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