Love Poetry & Wishes Happy New Year 2022 : Greetings For Him & Her

Wherever you go I will remember my name.
don’t get away from me
Otherwise you will regret a lot.

People call me crazy crazy.
so much intoxication of your love
That’s why call me Afsana

red scarf, black eyes
when will my house be made

Happy New Year 2022 : 100+ Love Wishes For Him & Her

cry in love
what is love
Everyone takes heart in this.

Oh go and don’t come back
If it comes, it will take place

Words bloom like flowers.
If I come, it will be ruined like a forest.

blooming flower withers
if you find love
So the heart is terrified.

The bumblebee comes to drink the juice of the flower.
Occupying my heart, u torment me.

your youth blossoms
Let me make you happy in my arms

Your youth says give love.
My heart wants you to come and give me two.

shower your youth on me
Give me the vision of youth

Teri Jabani Mast looks like in a red suit
your eyes are slanting
I get diarrhea seeing you

Let me give you so much happiness, you go crazy
give me so much love my heart gets injured

your eyes shoot me
heart hurts
The doctor also refuses me

Pink your lips intoxicating your eyes
Aja fair with me, always look at you

Injured while applying kajal in her eyes
One day not like this, I will be mad in your love.

put on fair eyes
don’t listen to me
make us your friend

i sing your love song
I only find you when my eyes are open

Man has come in your footsteps
make me your love

The world is at your feet
mine is broken
Then a mountain of sorrows broke on me

Everywhere is a flower garden
share all around
aja me saab

Don’t ask my Mehboob Sanam
how much i love you
laugh in the morning
so i cry in the evening

Thousands of people like me
but i like you

don’t stare
i will have a look
if something happened
mom will know

girls go to school to study
Boys die for fighting

some girls love teachers
When they find out, it’s our guru
Then she waits for another.

love took my life
made non
but love has been recognized

don’t die on someone’s picture
it’s no use
die on his character

Millions of people are crazy about love
But those who recognize it are very few.

Don’t learn to turn your eyes
learn to see
if someone older than you came
then learn to fear him

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