Noah Calhoun : 2022 Best Love Wishes Quotes

The bird flies away, the night falls.
But you do not come, the heart breaks.

Yeh Teri Deewani Hoon, listen to my story
Seeing my words today

My breath goes, now in your name.
Now I will do this, you will cry in my name.

If I do not say a single word to you, then understand my love.
Throwing eyes in my eyes and raining on me ||

What human will harm us, we ourselves are different from humans.
Who will wreak this havoc on the birds, we are happy in ourselves.

You look like the queen of fairies in a blue and yellow sari.
I want to write a story on you

Every Lovers Wishes Him Or Her Happy New Year 2022 With This Love Quotes & Poetry

Love is not only in humans but also in Gods,
If separated, Ram is also Sita, there is no sorrow in separation.

You my girlfriend, let me travel the whole world to you.
If you say so, I will show you heaven too.

My life’s goal is to find you
If I can’t find you, then I will show you by tearing my heart.

Lucky are those women who get the true love of their beloved.
Piya’s love is found when God has mercy.

I jumped and fell in my heart in the wind.
why i wanted you
Happy new year babu sona janoon love you

If you have loved, then you have to make a bride and take her home.
And make your mother’s daughter-in-law also.
Miss you

what should i ask a person
What else should I ask from God?
These two support the rich

my heart took your smile
took away the heart

When you look like a deer moving
that’s why i love you
your name is kiran

Seeing you melts my heart,
You are such a girl, the heart beats to love you,

I fell in love with you in my eyes
My heart beats a lot in front of me

I die both in your name and at work
I die more than both on love

On Happy New Year all the boys and girls go for a walk,
But my person never has time,

Whenever I pass by your street, I feel like seeing you,
When it comes in front, it wants to steal its eyes,

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